About Our Warranty

ASAPpliance Repair Nashville - 1 Year WarrantyAll our appliance repairs are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty. We take pride in the reliability of our services, but some repairs require multiple trips — and accidents do happen. We use original factory parts to make our repairs last as long as possible.

In modern appliances, several parts may be involved with a single function (refrigerator ice makers, for example, depend on a water inlet valve). On rare occasions we’re unable to test one part of a system in isolation, and in this case a second visit may be necessary.

In case a return visit is required, or even if you experience problems months in advance, you’re covered:

  1. One year warranty on parts and labor for all appliance repairs. We’ll resolve any difficulties related to our repair during this period — we’ll cover parts and labor expenses. We charge our service fee ($49.95) for return visits more than 30 days after the initial repair.
  2. For our repairs we use only original factory parts. If original factory parts are no longer in stock, we’ll use the highest quality aftermarket alternatives.

If you have any questions or experience any problems after one of our repairs, give us a call us at (615) 410-2480 or e-mail us.